About Terri

I partner with people and organizations to achieve maximum results and thrive.

As founder and president of T.L. Bennett Coaching and Consulting, a division of Sunathleo Strategies, LLC, I understand the importance of courage and focus in building a business, while juggling all that life encompasses. I have learned the value of patience and respect for differing perspectives and differing life paths, in maintaining healthy business and personal relationships. 

As a Wellness Coach for one of the nation’s leading weight loss organizations, I learned the importance of a holistic approach to fulfillment and well-being.

With more than twenty years of leadership experience in healthcare and nonprofit human services management, I learned to build and cultivate teams that produced results.  Early on, I developed keen listening skills and the ability to ask provocative questions that tapped into what mattered most to people, as they showed up in the world.

As chief operating officer for a domestic violence and sexual assault organization, I realized the incredible strength, resourcefulness and resilience of people as they face some of life’s greatest challenges.

With a graduate degree in negotiations and conflict management, I learned how to help others identify and acknowledge obstacles that impede forward progress and to implement strategies to move beyond presenting issues.

Now as a certified personal and executive coach, helping people and businesses show up in a powerful way is my life’s work.  With a focus on what matters most, my purpose is to inspire others to evolve and thrive, with passion, in purposed greatness.