Coaching Services

We partner with people to maximize potential.


Most people have fleeting ideas of what they want to be, do or have in life.  Often ideas remain fleeting because people never take the time to intentionally get clear about what they want to create.  Individuals come to us to learn how to connect with strengths, identify weaknesses and limiting beliefs and let go of negative baggage.  They leave us having discovered tools and resources that maximize their potential.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a partnership, between the coach and client, that provides structure, guidance and support for clients to assess their personal and professional state, including assumptions about themselves, their work and others.  The coaching platform creates an environment where clients set relevant and realistic goals, based on desires and needs.  Clients are held accountability for taking relevant and realistic action toward goal attainment and learn by continued reflection on these actions.

Transformation Workshops

Transformation Workshops offer deeper learning opportunities that lead to personal growth and positive change.   Clients learn to connect with individual strengths, identify limiting beliefs, let go of negative baggage, and discover tools that promote personal, emotional and spiritual growth.  Workshops topics vary and may include:

  • Vision Board – Strategizing For Life
  • Resilience – Bouncing Back After A Setback
  • Developing Healthy Relationships
  • Find Your Unique You ~ Purpose & Passion
  • Life After Retirement
  • Caring For The Elderly

Group Coaching

Group coaching  brings the coaching conversation into a small group context.  It is an intimate conversation space, focused on deepening awareness around specific topics, taking action and demonstrating accountability.  Clients benefit from peer-to-peer learning with others and are enriched by the collective wisdom of the group.  Group coaching topics vary depending on purpose and nature of the formed group.

Personal Growth Retreats

Personal growth retreats provide the opportunity for clients to take time for themselves after too many months of working hard and caring for others.  It is time to reconnect with themselves, while strengthening the ability to direct personal and relational growth.  Retreats offer opportunities for  inner bonding, stress management, emotional wellness and well-being.  Benefits of retreat activities include:

  • A full day to gain clarity on your vision and what YOU really want
  • A method to clear out and let go of the natural fear that arises
  • Connection with like-minded peers
  • A plan that helps you effortlessly attract your ideal  outcomes in the months and year ahead