Consulting Services

We partner with organizations to achieve maximum results.



Organizations come to us for help navigating the challenges of nonprofit and healthcare management.  We support our clients through a process of identifying issues, envisioning and implementing solutions, and evaluating the impact of implemented solutions.  All consulting services are tailored to the needs of the organization, utilizing a three-pronged approach to implementation.

Increase Productivity – We explicitly target maximizing potential by unlocking latent sources of productivity and effectiveness by pursuing new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resilience in the face of growing complexity and uncertainty.

Promote Positive People – In the face of uncertainty caused by workforce reductions and other factors, expectations remain very high.  We partner with you to restore self-confidence and self-trust to face the challenges critical to meet organizational demands.

Establish a strategy for Return on Investment – We generate learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to clear, measurable outcomes.

Leadership & Professional Development Training

Build effective, accountable and promotable leaders and frontline staff that focus on results.

Facilitated Strategic Planning Processes

Move from irrelevancy to relevancy and responsiveness to community and client needs, while ensuring organizational stability and growth.

Human Services Program Development

Develop best practices human service programs with sustainable program concepts, strong partnerships and results-based outcomes.

Resource Development & Fundraising

Learn the how-to’s of government and private foundation fundraising, writing winning proposals, managing grant awards, and understanding OMB Circulars.

Standards of Excellence Accreditation

Obtain national accreditation and recognition as an organization that promotes the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness and accountability in nonprofit governance, management and operations.